Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock
Aerial Yoga Hammock

Aerial Yoga Hammock

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Aerial Yoga Hammock is professionally designed with a multi-functional anti-gravity made with high-intensity parachute fabric. It has a unique feature with large and comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric, triple-height adjustment. It helps users to decompress the spinal cord and enhance the strength of the upper limbs. Regular use can enhance the body and maintain a healthy body versatility: not only as a yoga hammock but also as a swing chair, when the longest part of the middle take it out independently, you can hang it on the tree and use it as an ordinary hammock.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Aerial yoga hammock helps to release the pain or pressure of neck, back, and spine, enhance your hand strength by inversion therapy. The aerial silk is also a new innovative tool that gives the yoga enthusiasts a safe and fun way to keep fit and also the yoga sling is certainly a good way to take yoga to a higher fitness level.
  • IMPROVE YOUR BACK BENDS: when you practice passive, inverted backbends on the Aerial Yoga Hammock, you can hold yoga backbend poses much longer without fatigue, allowing you to make big mobility gains particularly in the mid- and upper-back and chest where people get stuck in their yoga practice.
  • EASY TO SET UP - You can hang up yoga hammock in minutes using yoga swing stand/ playground, gym equipment (like a chin-up bar), door frame, exposed beam (in a lofted room, patio, or garage); or buy and set up with a ceiling mount.
  • PRO-GRADE QUALITY: this is the same model used in well-known studios worldwide and includes gym-grade grip rubber handles, rock-climber grade carabiners on sling and handles, parachute material fabric that has been stress-tested to 600lbs.





  1. Boosts Flexibility: The suspension in the air releases tension in your body and increases flexibility as the practice deepens. It lengthens the ligaments and relaxes your muscles. Performing yoga in a suspended posture not only strengthens the core muscles but also improves spinal and shoulder flexibility.
  2. Can Heal Back Pain: Suffering from back issues? Aerial yoga works wonders when it comes to healing spinal issues. Exercises done in aerial yoga put less stress on the back. One of its leading benefits is the decompression of the spine. It is sometimes even used for physical rehabilitation. It lets you hang freely, which allows your spine to lengthen.
  3. Puts You In A Great Mood: Yoga can enhance your mood and relieve stress. And when it comes to aerial yoga, that benefit is further enhanced. You will find your stress vanish as you are hanging free in the air. It is psychologically as beneficial as any other workout as it aids in rebuilding your emotional system.
  4. Develops New Body Skills: With aerial yoga, you can perform many inversion poses that you could not earlier. You learn some new body skills when you are suspended against gravity, and your stretches are more effective and non-restrictive.
  5. Improves Balance: Going against gravity is not only exciting but also offers many benefits. Aerial yoga helps with balance and stability in many activities performed on a day to day basis.
  6. Rejuvenates The Body: Aerial yoga cleanses your system and improves the internal body’s functioning. Well, it starts with improving the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. When the body’s functions are regulated, the mental abilities are boosted, the mind is relaxed, and the skin is nourished. It’s a win-win situation overall.
  7. Makes You Smarter: Aerial yoga can improve memory and concentration. It fortifies the neural connections, which, in turn, enable better memory power. By strengthening the neural connections that are linked to mental abilities, it can make you more intelligent.
  8. Aids Digestion: The stretching and upside-down movements might make you assume that aerial yoga would affect your digestive system. Fear not! All it does is improve its functioning. It helps to heal various digestion-related issues, including constipation and indigestion. All that stretching can relax your abdomen and provide relief from irritable bowel syndrome as well.
  9. Combats Heart Problems: By boosting healthy blood circulation, aerial yoga can fight heart disease. It detoxifies the body and significantly lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  10. Complete Workout: Are you always switching between upper and lower body workouts? Well, with aerial yoga, you can have them both at once. One of the benefits of aerial yoga is that the entire body is made to move and stretch, which tones and redefines the muscles of the upper as well as lower body. In a way, aerial yoga can regenerate and strengthen the joints during a workout session.


  •  No skills (or shoes!) required
  •  It's one of the best complete workout because of its health benefits
  • You'll flip for the thrill of it
  • Mat poses to become easier to master
  • It counts as cardio too
  • It's zero-impact
  • You'll walk away without stress

What's in the box?
1*Aerial Yoga Hammock
2*Assistant Hammock 
2*Expansion screw rings
2*1m Extending Belt

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