Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device
Face Lifting Device

Face Lifting Device

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Now you can contour and keep in your face shape easily with our latest Face Lifting Device! This will make your face slim while keeping them smooth and flawless.
The infrared heat produced encourage blood circulation. Aches and pains can also be reduced through the massaging motions. Simply enjoy this as a face massager while achieving your desired smooth face look.

  • ✔[Perfect V-Shaped Solution] The Face Lifting Device is the perfect gift for women. They can effectively fix the face contours, make the face be smaller, smoother, and add firmer facial lines. You can have a V-shaped face at home, a beautiful woman's attractive face type.
  • ✔[4 Massage Modes & 2 Photon Modes] The Face Lifting Device has 4 massage modes: Massage, Acupuncture, Kneading, Beating; 2 Photon Modes: Blue light mode, acne beauty, Red light mode, flat wrinkle skin. You can watch TV and play games to sleep during use, effectively improve V-face shaping.
  • ✔[TENS Low-Frequency Magnetic Therapy] The Face Lifting Device adopts TENS physiotherapy, microcurrent enhances cell activity, promotes muscle movement, accelerates blood circulation of microvessels, enhances fat metabolism, which can pull the face for a slimmer, smoother and firmer face line.
  • ✔[Infrared Hot Compress Therapy] TheFace Lifting Device expand pores through hot compress, remove toxins to promote skin absorption of nutrients, stimulate collagen secretion, activate collagen fibers, reduce facial wrinkles, enhance skin tone, constant temperature hot compress, get a better V-face shaping effect.
  • ✔[Safe Use & Portable Foldable Design] The Face Lifting Device has no dangers or extra expenses. Adopt skin-friendly material, safe, and irritant-free. You can slim your face anytime and everywhere, small size and lightweight, easy to carry, and put in a bag. We recommend to use them in the sleep at night


4 Massage Modes
  • Tuina mode: Gradually remove double chin, improve the masseter muscle, lift, and firm.
  • Kneading mode: Accelerate facial blood circulation, reshape facial fat, correct facial shape, and improve face size.
  • Acupuncture mode: Deeply stimulates subcutaneous elastin, activates collagen, accelerates blood circulation, eliminates stubborn fat on the face, enhances skin elasticity, and rebuilds subcutaneous collagen tissue.
  • Thumbing mode: 24,000 beats per minute. The lifting massage stimulates the fat to accelerate metabolism.
8 Gears Comfort
  • 1-3 files: for people who are new to the product with relatively sensitive stratum corneum.
  • 4-5 files: for people who have used the product for 2-3 weeks with moderately stressed masseter muscle hypertrophy with a double chin.
  • 5-6 files: for people who have used the product for 3 months or people with severely stressed mandible wide flat.


✓ Slimming and toning ultrasound technology helps slim down your face by decreasing waste around fatty tissue and tightens skin.
✓ Heat therapy infrared heat sensors penetrate deep into the skin, so you can feel the heat generate and soothe.
✓ Skin rejuvenation helps activate cells and skin and regenerate skin elasticity for better-looking skin and feeling skin.
✓ Treats pain effectively treats severe aches and pains all over your body.
✓ Microcurrent technology stimulates the muscles and massages through excess fatty tissues and acids.
✓ Convenient stylish, slick and minimalist design in a handy size and easy button control for your convenience and pleasure

What's in the box?
1 x main device
2 x electronic pads
1 x remote control
1 x adjust belt
1 x manual
1 x USB

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