Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band
Resistance Booty Band

Resistance Booty Band

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Remember those days when you don’t feel like going to the gym but you don’t want to miss the training? The Resistance Booty Banddesigned for busy womenis always handy when you need to continue your body shaping, anytime, anywhere.
They are easy to carry and you can do your training, wherever you feel comfortable. The workout has never been more fun! The perfect shape for your legs and butt. Unlike some other loop bands which are not proof against strong stretching, our booty bands are made of thick premium material, soft and comfortable, with high elasticity and durability, perfect for women of all sizes. You can exercise in the comfort of your home, in the gym, office, or anywhere else you prefer. Regular exercise with your belt will lead to weight loss, muscles toning, and above all, to a spectacular and sexy look of your buttocks!

  • REDISCOVER YOURSELF – TONED, FIRM, AND SEXY – Make your look irresistible using a simple solution with immediate effect. Our resistance bands can make miracles within 20 minutes of daily work out! Exercise your booty and leg muscles with the band and in less than 30 days you will enjoy the results! Our product is specially designed for busy women, looking for efficient techniques for muscle toning and lifting.
  • REGAIN YOUR SHAPE AND THE PERFECT CONTOUR OF YOUR BODY – The exercise with our resistance bands leads to glute muscle lifting and toning, but also to fat burning. If you are motivated to lose weight this is the perfect system! Due to their strong resilience and sleek design, the bands are easy to use for any type of training for legs and booty building and the results are spectacular! We are not selling you a fitness device, we are offering you a solution to achieve the look of your dreams!
  • WE BELIEVE IN HELPING WOMEN ACHIEVE THEIR FULL POTENTIAL – We are fueled by the desire to help you improve your mobility, reach the best outcome from your training sessions, and build the body of your dreams! Anything is possible with the right attitude and the right fitness gear. Start your journey today and join us on our amazing journey to stay on top of the latest news, sports & fitness products!
  • DURABILITY AND COMFORT: Many bands will lose their elasticity, roll up on your legs, pinch your skin, pull your hair and break within the first few uses; our hip bands are heavy-duty bands that are made to last, the soft fabric feels great on your skin and the bands are wide and have enough support to not roll up on your legs; That way you can enjoy all the positive aspects of our bands without any of the negative aspects that come with other bands.


  • Wider Hips & Bigger Butt
  • Powerful Leg
  • Sexy Figure
  • Low Fat & More Power
  • Joint Protection
  • Improvement in Posture
  • Get Rid of Back Aches
  • All-Inclusive Optimized Strength
  • You'll Look and Feel Wonderful & Sexy

  • Because our resistance bands are super flexible and designed for strong stretching ;
  • Due to their lightweight, premium silicone and strong elasticity, they fit all women sizes: tall and short, thin or weighty;
  • Their special form will allow you to target efficiently the legs and booty muscles in order to achieve your desired silhouette!
  • Only 20 mins a day for 30 days will make a visible difference. Just try it and write your progress in your fitness planner!

What's in the box?
1 x Resistance Booty Band

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your purchase that we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t worry though, we’re confident that you’re going to love it (refer to our refund policy for full terms and disclosure). We’ve got over 30,000 happy customers and counting.