Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup
Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup

Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cup

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  • EFFECTIVE ANTI CELLULITE REMOVAL: Suction cups massaging action helps flush out toxins and fluid containing fat/cellulite.
  • PROMOTES SKIN HEALTH: It helps to improve blood circulation, detoxifies the body, and relieves joint and muscle pain. It also helps significantly reduce cellulite. Your body parts will feel tighter and smoother, with remove cellulite gradually over time
  • EASY TO USE: This alternative Chinese treatment is an effective deep tissue massage. The Smooth Moves cups are more comfortably used with cream or oil. This enables the user to easily glide the cellulite cups around the desired area. This massage aids with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation.
  • IMPROVE OVERALL WELLNESS: Minimize cellulite, promote weight loss, reduce inflammation and pain, relax muscles and much more!
-100% Brand new and High quality
-There is no infection and pain in treating diseases.
-It is convenient for an operator and easy to accept.
-It has extensive indications, limited contraindications.
-It can be used not only for the hospital but also more suitable for the family.
-Non-toxic, harmless, durable
-You can use it on your neck, back, chest, belly, shoulder, face, spine, and legs
-Increase blood circulation, make your metabolism faster, and remove toxins from deep tissues.
-Help to promote internal tissue healing and improve your sleep quality
How to use the Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Cup?
  1. Apply body oil, lotion, or shower gel to allow the cup to glide over the skin.
  2. Press down on the top of the cup and apply the cup to the skin.
  3. Massage the cup over your skin, targeting cellulite-prone areas. Use up and down, zig-zag, and circulation motions.
        Will any oil work with this?
        Yes, you can use oil soap or body cream
        What exactly is the purpose of this item?
        These cups help apply traction to the connective tissue, which pulls it up and away from the underlying tissue. This helps soften the connective tissue and helps the muscles underneath function more smoothly and pain-free. I often do "skin rolling" which is a more direct manual method of addressing connective tissue, but this is a great alternative, especially to do on yourself. Even though this appears to affect only the superficial tissue, it can have a rather profound effect on deeper tissues, through reflex action, improved blood flow, etc.
        Tips For Proper Usage And Recommendation
        Slight, painful bruising is common with this technique in the first one to two weeks. With regular use, pain and bruising diminish and beautiful firmer and smoother skin are revealed.
        - For use on body only. You can use our smallest size available in our store for treating your face.
        - Don’t use water. Only use with cellulite banishing oils for your best results.
        - Use it daily to bring about your best results.
        Get the kind of treatment you’d get at a 5-star hotel spa right inside your home anytime you want it! Increase your circulation and fight cellulite the way top-tier spa therapists treat their most exclusive clientele without the high-cost tag or time-consuming visits and get plumped up, more radiant skin today!
        Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, We offer a remarkably effective way to achieve a sleeker, smoother silhouette in only minutes per day.
        Material: Silicone
        Approx Size: 54 x 54 x 55mm(L x W x H)
        Color: Blue
        1pc Silicone Cup Blue