Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer
Teeth Veneer

Teeth Veneer

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  • Make you confident: The Teeth Veneer can help you cover the missing teeth, allow you to smile confidently, easy to clean, just using the toothbrush to clean the denture teeth.
  • Not necessary to visit the dentist: The Teeth Veneer is perfect smile teeth veneers can easily repair tooth loss/tooth damage/tooth stains/dental fracture / dental lacerations/tooth whitening, you will perfect smiling!
  • Convenient usage: Veneer cosmetic teeth covers can be directly attached to the teeth, easy to use, it can be dissolved automatically when it meets hot water, which is convenient for next time use.
  • Safe and gentle material: This tooth veneers are made of silicone, soft and gentle material, you can not feel uncomfortable when you wear it, non-toxic and safe for you to put in the mouth, but notice, just for a temporary tooth filling kit.


- Fix Your Smile At Home In Minutes
- Simple Fitting Instructions
- Super Comfortable, Comfort Fit
- Ultra-Thin Flex Technology Minimizes Speech Disruption
- Natural Bright Coloring, Will Not Stain


1.Drop into very hot water
With the fitting material attached onto the back of the teeth, drop the teeth into very hot water, the water needs to be above 130 degrees for the fitting material to soften and become pliable, water from the tap will not be hot enough, you will need to heat it using a microwave or stovetop, if the water is hot enough, the fitting material should be soft and pliable after 2 minutes, if after 2 minutes the material is not soft, you will need to use hotter water and try again.
2.Fit the teeth into place
Once the fitting material is soft and pliable, gently press the teeth onto the front of your existing teeth, firmly hold the teeth in place and use your thumbs to press any excess fitting material up and around the back of your natural teeth, after 30 seconds gently remove the teeth and set them aside to cool.
3. Let the fitting material cool and then try them on
Once the fitting material has cooled and hardened, you can place the teeth back into your mouth, when fitted correctly they should kind of pop into place, if you are not happy with the fit, you can reheat and refit as many times as you need until you get a secure fit, the teeth stay in place because the fitting material has made an imprint of your existing teeth like shown above, once you get accustomed to the fitting process, you may want to adjust the amount of fitting material used to get a fit that feels right for your mouth.

Do they fit for a man or woman?

Either male or female. The average size is the best for the majority. Unless you have a very largemouth.

Does this item have a ridge on the inside?

Has no ridge on the inside until you create one. Material on the inside allows you to mold them to your teeth. It's like the beaded material is part of teeth you don't have to worry about it separating. Very comfortable for me but coffee tea and smoking will cause staining.

Can I wear them over crooked teeth?

More than likely. The molding beads make an image of your teeth and then attach them to the veneers. I've worn these for years as I work on a few teeth at a time. I get compliments on them constantly.


Product Material: Silicone
Product size: About 61*22Mm


1 pc Teeth Cosmetic Veneer